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About us

3dpmr is an Italian 3D community.
Our community has been founded in the year 2001.
Our activity purpose is to divulge and to develop 3d arts.

We have decided to use the English language in our site
because it is the universal language of the 3d arts.
We apologize for possible translation imperfections.
We hope that the content of our pages is however comprehensible.

For join you to the community is necessary your subscription. 
The registration is free. 
Each registered member can use our services, (as ex. Free item download - gallery - products advertising)

For to use our services is necessary that you agree [3dpmr TOS]  (terms of service) 
available in this page: Read the [3dpmr TOS]


3dpmr staff

Matteo: Web design and 3d Contributor

Valentina: Web design and 3d Contributor

Arduino: 3d Contributor - notice: 3dpmr is not Arduino's web - Arduino is a top Contributor of 3dpmr - Thanks Arduino!

Plazio: (Andrea) 3d Contributor

Riccardo: 3d Contributor

Claudio: ASP wizard

StenoGPX: 3d Contributor



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