Lights for Tiziana and Voictoria.

This small tutorial helps you understand that type of lights is useful for a good render of Tiziana and for any other character.

Here the final result

Here thing must do:
  1. Download these files:

    Lights for Tiziana

    Files list
    file "readme"

    The file Pz3 is a scene already ready with the correct lights.
    The file Pz2 is the laying that will engage Tiziana in the scene.

  2. Unzip the files
  1. Open TizianaTutor_1.pz3 in Poser.
  2. select the menu "Figures" and open "Tiziana_4_Tiziana" character
    When Tiziana will be in the scene, you will see only his feet. Don't change nothing, follow the instructions of the next point
  1. Select the menu "Poses"
  2. Applies the pose "Body_9d"  to Tiziana
  3. Now you could launch the Render

Observe the parameters and the values apply to the lights and to the scene ( Render menu).