Instructions for the use of the Morphs Targets of Victoria WG-RMT

The Morph that creates the genital is: "Genitals"
Is important that the value of the MT "Genitals" have put on 1
a bigger or small value doesn't make to work the other well morphs

1-Genitals: the value 1 models the genitals of Victoria. In order to cancel the genitals to set up the value on 0


2-V Fix: you must use FIX if you want to render the hip give near (close-up).

3-V_FAT: This MT is useful for the character " Heavy " of Victoria V2.

4-V_Smooth: this MT works well with a value between 0 and -1

5-V_IN_OUT: This MT moves the genitals true the outside or towards the inside. Useful in order to fix the genitals in some poses. 

All the other Morphs is useful for conforming the vagina according to your preferences.

To improve some poses, you can also use the new morph targets applying on the groups: 
Left Buttock and Rigth Buttock. 
These MT move the Buttocks towards the outside.

All the Morphs Targets work well with values between 1 and -1, greater values can create distortions of the hip.

** How to apply the MT to an other character of Victoria **

Apply the morphs targets to an other character of Victoria or Victoria V2 is very simple, follow these instructions:

1- open in Poser the Cr2 of an other character of Victoria or Victoria V2.
2- selects the hip of Victoria.
3- clicks two times on the hip.

4- appears a window - press the button "add Morph target".

5- appears a news window - press the button "locate" and choose the file of the morph target (as an example: "01_Genitals.obj").
Replace the word "Shape 1" with the name what want give to the morph target, and clicks on the button "Ok".

After these operations, between the parameters of the hip of Victoria the new one morph taget appears.
Repeat these operations (2...6) to apply all the others MT.

Suggestion: follow the numerical order of the files of the morphs targets (01... 02...... 17).